All rates are in the local currency (Euro) and are to be considered as net rates.



The applicable rates are available and published on www.balagoo.com


Payment Methods

Payments for all the requested services are to be made by credit card, as described on www.balagoo.com. Any other customization request may be evaluated by our sales departments.


Cancellations and Refunds

Any booked and paid reservations processed through www.balagoo.com - and linked sales channels associated with it - are subject to the following cancellation terms:

-              5% up to 24h before the departure

-              100% for cancellations after 24h before the departure

No refund in case of No Show or any interruption of the trip.



Balagoo.com is a website which brings together 4 cooperating Tour Operators. The organisational and operational parts are handled by Ulisse Viaggi e Turismo S.R.L., located in Via Giovanni Bonanno 100, Palermo, Italy. Ulisse Viaggi e Turismo S.R.L. regularly operates through an official licence issued by the local authority of the Sicilian Region, namely the D.D.S. - Decree of the President of the Regional Council - no. 1053/S7. The Public liability insurance is also available on request.

For the recognition of any complaints that may be claimed for any reason, both the Travellers and the Organisers are similarly and fully subject to the local law which is under the jurisdiction of the ‘Courts of the City of Palermo’. Travellers and Organisers shall renounce to any other privilege.

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